11 Best Torches For Dabs 2023 – Weed Dabbing

Get rid of inconvenient consumption techniques with these best torches for dabs, which are safe, effective, portable, and affordable.

Marijuana – the most common drug in the United States, is consumed in many different ways, but dabbing torches are the headers. These torches effortlessly reach the required temperature and allow users to experience an enjoyable and relaxed heating process. One of the safest methods is to consume drugs by wasting negligible concentrates and inhaling effectively. Nevertheless, you need to have the best torch for dabs to avail those benefits!

The market is full of those dab torches, including butane torches, propane torches, single jets, multiple jets, and so on. In the midst of all, choosing a top-notch sounds puzzling, especially when you’re naïve. And that’s when listening to an expert seems the best way, so I decided to share a few best options for you all, which are safe and effective. Keep in mind that all the below-mentioned products are unsponsored and readily available on Amazon!

Top Picks Best Torches For Dabs

1. Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch – Best Torch For Dabs

Blazer GT8000 Butane Torch


The first choice on this list is the Blazer GT8000 torch, a premium quality torch for dabs. This torch is manufactured by Blazer Corporation, a Japanese company that has ignited the lighter market by selling top-notch products. Though Blazer torches are more expensive than its market competitors, the product stands mainly on its performance and specifications. The Blazer GT8000 dabbing torch offers excellent build quality and flawless features, which I’ll be revealing below:

When I look at any purchase, a profile matters the most for me. In other words, if something looks cheap or odd, it would not be preferable. The Blazer GT8000 is my top choice because of its profile, as it is made of shiny alloy steel material, which looks classy and is more robust than steel or other metals. Alloy steel is the enhanced or better version of standard steel as it features exceptional mechanical properties, durability, and resistance.

Moreover, the body of the Blazer GT8000 is black and weighs 12 ounces only. It is 5.2 inches in length, 2 inches in width, and 7.5 inches in height, so you see, its all-metal construction does not put extra weight or an odd image on it. It is a convenient to handle and pocket-friendly choice for dabbers. Besides its silhouette, it is a big shot of butane that sets on fire flame using “butane gas.” It creates an intense flame of up to 2500 degrees Fahrenheit straight for 35 minutes, which is incredible.

Furthermore, this amazing butane torch would also solve flare-up issues because it boasts brass nozzles. Brass—an alloy of copper and zinc, is a promising conductor with good mechanical, electrical, and non-ferrous properties. Unquestionably, the torch produces a flame-like monster, but brass nozzles work as an anti-flare and control the flame for user safety. So you see, this torch might cost you double that of others but ensure the safety and performance endlessly.

  • Monster flame
  • Anti flare
  • Last for years
  • Expensive


The Blazer GT8000 monster shot torch is my top preference for its performance and builds quality. It can last for years because of its anti-resistant and durable alloy steel body. Plus, it has a brass nozzle that works as an anti-flare and flame controller to ensure user safety without compromising performance. Over that, it is a handy lighter you can carry easily, so if the price is not a point of concern for you, you should purchase this torch.

2. Sondiko Butane Torch – Best Torch Lighter For Dabs

Sondiko Butane Torch


If you’re searching for something affordable on this list, then here you go with this faultless Sondiko torch that boasts promising quality along with additional features. The reason supporting why this torch stands out in today’s market is primarily its low price, as you can get under $23 only. Isn’t it incredible? I have never seen such remarkable features under this price tag; trust me, that’s not just words of mouth but a truth—see by yourself!

The Sondiko lighter is made up of aluminum metal, one of the most abundant metals on earth. Aluminum is famous for its lightest weight, making the torch so convenient and portable that you can carry it everywhere. The torch has a silver and black appearance that looks aesthetic. It is easy to operate even for beginners, but if you’re confused, there is a helpful handy booklet in the box that gives guidelines about usage and preventive measures.

The best thing about this dabbing torch is that it boasts “Piezo ignition technology,” which is an ignition type used in stoves, lighters, and grills extensively. This system works on a lever or button, which is also called a control knob, that offers effortless ignition. Once you press the button or turn the knob, an electric spark is generated that lightens the spark to reach upto 2372 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also adjust the flame at your convenience to avoid any mishap.

Moreover, this versatile lighter is not limited to dabbing only. You can use it for several other purposes like glazing, searing, caramelizing, roasting, melting toasting, or other kitchen-oriented stuff. I also found it great for home-lighting purposes, like igniting fireplaces, welding, candles, or even cigars. That’s dependent on you, but using it for such vast applications seems like a great idea.

  • Flame is adjustable
  • Affordable
  • Compact
  • Not specifically manufactured for dabbing


In a nutshell, this finest torch is a perfect choice for budget-conscious seekers; well, why not when it performs flawlessly. It is a versatile lighter that you can use for several other applications. I highly appreciate the addition of piezo ignition technology under such an affordable price range that gives the convenience of users to beginners. You’ll also love its compact size and metal appearance too.

3. EurKitchen Premium Torch – Best Torch For Dabbing

EurKitchen Premium Torch


The EurKitchen Premium Culinary is a mid-range butane torch with fantastic build quality. It is composed of aluminum metal, which is exceptionally corrosion-resistant and lightweight. I found this lighter tremendously durable as it can last for years. As per profile, its body is black, weighs 321 grams, and has the following dimensions: 4.72 x 7.72 x 2.28 inches (length x height x width). This lighter is typically larger than other similar torches, but as a whole, I like the decency producers put into the appearance of this lighter.

In addition, this dabbing torch has a fuel gauge which indicates the level of fuel left in your lighter. It’s a pretty helpful add-on in the torch, which reminds you to fill your torch as soon as possible; otherwise, you might run out of fuel without being informed. The gas flow also has a safety lock which turns off the flow and secures your fuel precisely. In short, it is one of the most reliable choices out there, and the best thing is it is intended to perform dabbing.

This torch is based on a premium quality system that provides a massive flame consistently. The flame produced by this lighter is up to six inches in length and can reach the temperature of 2370 degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty colossal. It also has piezo press technology that offers fast and secure ignition. You need to turn the knob, and the flame will ignite. There is no need to worry because this torch is safe to use, but I suggest you read the instruction manual once before using this lighter.

Furthermore, it comes with a safety feature and finger guard that provides ultimate protection from burns or high heat while in use. As I said earlier, the torch is bigger, so its extensive profile adds a safe distance from your hand to the ignition flame. Plus, around the hand area, you’ll feel a comfortable ABS plastic, which ensures ease in handling this convenient torch.

  • Easy to use
  • Safety feature
  • Piezo system
  • Large size


In conclusion, the EurKitchen premium culinary torch comes with a good quality fuel gauge that determines the gas left. It has an easy refill, safe ignition process, and fast piezo system that boasts convenience and comfort in usage overall. I appreciate the build quality and decent profile of this dabbing torch.

Things To Consider

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Torches For Dabs

Dabbing is something individually possessed, so everyone has their preferences for it. Therefore, the definition of a perfect torch for dabs is down to your liking. However, there are certain factors that one should look upon before spending money, so I decided to gather those under this heading.

1. Build Quality

Torch is something one doesn’t want to buy repeatedly because you always have an option to refill unless your lighter becomes useless. Therefore, you should purchase the one which offers excellent build quality and lasts for years without being defective. In this way, I always prefer brass lighters that are incredibly durable, strong, and resistant against corrosion, moisture, or any external stress.

2. Safety And Precautionary Features

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Torches For Dabs Safety And Precautionary Features

Dabbing involves risks because most torches utilize butane gas as fuel. But those risks can be reduced by using a lighter with a suitable quality nozzle that ensures no gas leakage. I found brass nozzles great for their security and tight-fitting ability to withstand corrosion.

However, no matter how premium the torch is, you’ve to ensure there are no flammable objects near the lighter to avoid any mishap. The ignition industry has significantly evolved in recent years, so you can now buy a dab torch with an automatic lock that prevents leakage.

3. Temperature Management

Temperature management or regulation refers to determining the flavor or aroma you’ll develop through dabbing. Low-temperature dabbing is directly proportional to the enhanced incense from your concentrate, i.e., marijuana and vice versa. In this way, you should get a torch that allows temperature control, which means you’ll manage the temperature, hence taste and aroma, according to your choice.

4. Versatility

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Torches For Dabs Versatility

The lighter is not limited to dabbing only; you can also use it for other purposes like for kitchen-oriented applications, i.e., glazing, searing, caramelizing, roasting, melting, toasting, etc., or some home-lighting purposes too, like igniting fireplaces, welding, candles or even cigars. When you’re spending dollars on a product, why not avail all those benefits? It’s a great idea, so you should prefer versatile torches.


1. Is there anything wrong with using an inexpensive dab torch?

No! As long as you’re getting good quality at a low price, you’re on the best side. One shouldn’t compromise on the performance of a dab torch and safety features. Various excellent quality torches in the market are affordable too.

2. Will any torch work for dabs?

No, not all lighters can heat bangers; therefore, buying a specific product is always a good idea. However, some versatile torches can be used for dabbing or other home-oriented applications, and that’s fine. Make sure to get one that is the safest of all!

3. What kind of torch is best for dabs?

In torches for dabs, quality and safety features matter the most. I found the Blazer GT8000 butane torch and its limited edition excellent in today’s market for their exceptional build quality, precautionary features, convenience, and portability. I’ve shared my three favorite choices in this article, so don’t forget to give me a tour!

Which One Is The Best? – Final Thoughts

A picture-perfect definition of a torch for dabs circulates ignition, convenience, and safety, and I make sure to add products in this article according to those factors. But, it is always a good idea to read the manual’s instructions before handling a lighter for the first time to avoid any accidental situations. Of all the afore-mentioned torches, my favorite choice is always:

  • Blazer GT8000 butane torch has exceptional build quality, precautionary features, convenience, and portability.

When it comes to reviewing the best items from the marketplace, I always try to trust my readers, but if you’re still confused about purchasing one of the given products, scroll the market by yourself. For this, make sure to tick mark the things that need your prior consideration before purchasing. I have explained all those factors in the buying guide above.

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