Our Local Farm and Purveyor Partners

Our efforts to bring as much local food to the table wouldn’t be a success without the hard work and dedication of a group of local farmers and local food artisans. This sense of collaboration is what drives all our efforts at Grange. We hope you’ll visit these producers at their farms or at local farmer’s markets to help sustain our local food economy.


TANTRE FARM – Chelsea, Michigan
Tantre Farm has been a certified organic farm since 1993. We are located about 20 miles west of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Our fruit crops include strawberries, raspberries, pears, and melons. We grow about 50 varieties of vegetables and a small variety of herbs and flowers. In addition to that, we have an Australian cattle dog, some cats, a small flock of chickens, a few LaMancha goats, and a couple of Guernsey cows. We sell our produce through CSA shares, at various local stores, restaurants, and also at the Ann Arbor and Chelsea Farmers Markets. Our farm is situated on 40 acres of wetland,woods and sandy-loam fields. Richard and Deb, along with their daughter, Ariana, live on-site year round. Seasonal workers or interns join them for various parts of the year, living and working together.- www.tantrefarm.com

BACK FORTY ACRES FARM – Chelsea, Michigan
Back Forty Acres is at the Doll family’s Centennial Farm, located in Sylvan Township, southwest of Chelsea, Michigan. The homestead was built in 1850 and purchased by Simeon Weber in 1864. It is surrounded by 180 acres of cropland, hardwood forest, ponds and streams. Two huge barns, built of hand-hewn logs, fieldstone and milled timber, are still in use today. The great great grandsons of Simeon Weber, brothers Larry and Kevin Doll, grew up here doing the chores required on aworking farm. They generally had over 200 sheep and 50 head of cattle at any one time, along with chickens and rabbits. Later in life both took “town jobs”, but kept close to their roots. www.backfortyacres.com

FOUR CORNERS CREAMERY – Tecumseh, Michigan
Handcrafted cow and goat milk cheese using milk from local dairy farms. Each farm that supplies milk to us is family owned and operated as well as committed to sustainable agriculture. Each batch of cheese is farm specific, meaning one batch of milk is only from one specific farm, milks are not mixed. Our fresh cheeses are pastuerized carefully to retain essential proteins and optimum flavors. Our cheesemaking techniques are based on french traditional cheesemaking and each is hand ladeled and formed. Each cheese is carefully aged and shipped to arrive to you at its peak in flavor and ripeness.

KAPNICK ORCHARDS – Britton, Michigan
Kapnick Orchards has been a family owned business for many years. It was founded in 1958 by Robert and Gertrude Kapnick and Charles and Janice Kapnick. Our farm market, near Tecumseh, was first opened in 1961. In 1975, Charles and Janice purchased the market from Charles’ parents Robert and Gertrude Kapnick. Currently the market is operated by Sharon and Bruce Shaffer and Scott Robertello, who purchased the farm from Janice in 2001. Sharon is the daughter of Janice and Charles. In 2001, Kapnick Orchards celebrated their 40th anniversary. During the forty years, Kapnick Orchards has seen many changes. It was transformed from a one room store to the larger operation of today.

EAT LOCAL EAT NATURAL – Ann Arbor, Michigan
The mission of Eat Local Eat Natural is to make it easy for restaurants to buy locally grown and raised natural foods and to connect local farmers with local restaurants. We’re proud to be part of a growing movement toward sustainable, organic farming within our region. We want to encourage local restaurants to use locally grown foods and to encourage farmers to use sustainable and organic farming practices. * Our vision is to move away from a reliance on big agriculture and its unhealthy practices, to break away from dependence on the petroleum and chemicals used not only in transporting food but in growing and raising it as well. This will reduce the “carbon footprint” we’re leaving on Earth. * Our hope is to make this healthy, tasty food accessible to the Ann Arbor and Southeast Michigan area. In the near future, we plan to open a store and café, offering our products to the general public.

ROOSROAST – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Roosroast Free Speech Coffee is roasted to painstaking perfection and committed to the basic idea of getting you a great cup of JOE everyday. Each bag of Roosroast stands unrivaled as the luxury coffee that achieves rich, full bodied fragrant perfection with every cup. We’re brewing “Rich French Neighbor” at Grange. So delicious!

GREEN THINGS FARM – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Green Things Farm is in its fourth year of production in 2014. We hope to enhance the health of the Ann Arbor community by providing fresh local produce year round and helping people connect with their food system. We strive to ensure the sustainability of farming by only using organic pesticides and fertilizers. We love farming and cannot wait to get more seeds in the ground and produce on your plate!

STEINHAUSER FARMS – Ann Arbor, Michigan
We are a family farm located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We raise high quality farm products using best practices for the environment and our animals.
You can feel secure knowing that you and your family are getting high quality meats and foods that are delicious and safe to eat.

BLACK OAK FARM – Byron, Michigan
We farm a second generation, sustainable, family farm on the south branch of the Shiawassee River nestled in the rolling hills of Shiawassee County.
We raise Berkshire and Chesterwhite breeds. Both are heritage breeds with exceptional flavor, dark colored meat and lots of marbling. We provide for the humane treatment and the health and welfare of our animals. Our animals are crate free and always have access to fresh air. Our animals eat all vegetarian food raised on our farm. Our meat is grown without any antibiotics, hormones or additives and never contains added nitrates. We use local, organic processors who use humane processing techniques. We rank 1st in pork quality among 20 producers winning Organic Valley’s 2009 Best Pork Quality Award.

CALDER DAIRY – Lincoln Park, Michigan
Calder Dairy was originally established in 1956 by William Graham Stewart Calder. Milk was purchased from surrounding dairy farms, processed and bottled at the plant at 1020 Southfield Road in Lincoln Park, Michigan. Home delivery was available throughout the Downriver Area. As the years went by, a farm was purchased in Carleton, Michigan, supposedly as a weekend retreat for the family and eventually as a spot to retire to. However, a Brown Swiss Cow was purchased to help keep the grass short, she had a calf, from there we steadily built up a herd of Holstein, Brown Swiss and most recently Jersey Cows. Gradually, the Calder herd continued to grow and today, we milk ninety cows. All of our cows are fed a high quality, home grown forage and grain diet with lots of T.L.C. added. The Farm now supplies most of Calder Dairy’s needs. The Dairy and Farm are still family owned and operated with three generations involved on a daily basis.

SNOW’S SUGAR BUSH – Mason, Michigan
Producers of local maple syrup. Watch the huge wood-fired boiler turn maple sap into maple syrup! See the entire process from maple sap flowing out of the trees to making maple candy, maple cream, and fudge. Walk through one our wooded lots to see “Nature at it’s best!”

SEELEY FARM – Ann Arbor, Michigan
Seeley Farm is a certified organic diversified vegetable farm located 5 miles north of downtown Ann Arbor, MI. The farm is owned and operated by Alex Cacciari and Mark Nowak. We are in our third year of production on a rented 30-acre farm in Ann Arbor Township where we also live. We grow four types of salad greens: salad mix (five varieties of lettuce mixed with five varieties of mild-flavored brassica greens), arugula, mixed baby lettuces, and spicy salad (five varieties of baby mustard greens.) In addition to salad greens we grow cut flowers, carrots, beets, green onions, radishes, winter squash and dry beans, among other things.

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